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Squeeeeezed Together – Janet Pliszka

I’ve photographed this family since this sweet little girl was just a few days old.  And what a beautiful evening we had for our 4th yearly shoot.  Look at the colours!!  Calgary has had such a stunning, long fall this year.

This first image melts my heart.   Dad adoring his little girl, mom laughing and smiling as I’ve known her to always be doing, their sweet Tubbs as part of the family and gorgeous M. in the middle.   All squeeeeeeezed together with love and smiles.  I don’t think it could be any more ‘just right’!

I can’t help but think one day this little 4 year old will be showing these images to her own four year old.  She’ll talk about how she was reading her favourite books in the field, how her dad sneaked behind her to pick her up and tickle her, how she got nose kisses with her mom and just look… see how much they love me!!!


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