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Supporting Flood Affected Families

We’ve all seen the footage of the last few weeks with hearts wrenching, as the flood waters crested their banks and swept through homes and whole communities across Southern Alberta. The outreach, the spirit of community, the leadership demonstrated and the support shown to those affected has been inspiring, but the road ahead will be very long. Long after the headlines fade, there will still be those digging, hauling, rebuilding and trying to move forward from the time the waters came and pushed through with it’s dogged fury. Thankfully the death toll from the flood was minimal, but even if the damage was primarily physical, there is also the overwhelming economic and emotional impact of losing. There are memories and feelings in the things in which we live, the houses we call home.

As the weeks pass and the clean-up continues, Janet and I would like to offer to help families create new memories as they cultivate a new start. If you or someone you know, was affected by the flood, we’d like to encourage you to visit YYC memories where families can find a photographer, including Visual Hues Photography, for a complimentary session. And of course, if you had a previous session with Visual Hues, just contact us and we will happily reprint any prints or files that you lost.

In addition, we will also be having some days of Petite Sessions where $25 from each session fee will be donated to the Alberta Red Cross Flood Fund.  As we have just moved to a new location on 14th Street and 15th avenue we have decided to celebrate by having the PEtite Sesssions around our new surroundings.   Our eyes have opened with all the possibilities around here and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you.  We have urban alleys, sweet fences, a beautiful park, gorgeous steps and brick walls of churches, funky graffiti to choose form.

Amy is going to have her Petite Sessions on July 18, 19 and 20 families to book a petite session and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to support those from across Alberta.

Janet will have her sessions on August 8 and 9.

Please call 403-252-7971 or email amyb@visualhues.com for more information.

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