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Last week I photographed the joy of a new baby being held in his family’s loving arms.  And just a few days later the same loving arms of another mom and dad, but this time giving some of their last hugs to their sweet boy.  It’s such a strong reminder that within every minute of every day, loved ones are saying hello and loved ones are saying goodbye.

This sweet little man is Kaiden.  I only met Kaiden for an hour but I have spent many looking at the dozens and dozens of updates and messages for this bright, smiley little guy on his one-year journey with brain cancer.  From these posts and comments and well wishes I have learned what a sweet boy he is.  So brave, so accepting, bringing so much strength and so many smiles to all those around him.   And I also learned what amazing, strong, loving parents he has.

Thank you Kaiden for the hour we spent together. You will have a place in my heart and I hope, in time, these pictures will give comfort to your family as they reflect on your journey here.   From the first moments they held you in their loving arms to the very last … and every single precious one in between.

This is the second session I have done like this at the Rotary House.  They are the hardest sessions I’ve ever photographed.  And some of the most rewarding.  The mom of a girl I photographed last year told me that as hard as this stage is to comprehend, it’s still part of her child’s life journey and they were so thankful to have that part photographed.   Those words have really resonated with me.   And I so hope, Eric and Ashley, that these help tell part of the story of your everlasting love for Kaiden.


If you would like to contribute to Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada in Kaiden’s name please go here.

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Images posted with parents’ permission.

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