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SWEET LITTLE GUY – Calgary Child Photography

oooooh what a sweet little guy!!   He would give me giggles and serious looks and all-out laughter.   I just  loved him!!   AND, he collects rocks.   He was quite pleased to show off the big rock he found in the garden… it’s on the bench right beside him!   Gotta love little boys!!   We also found out his dad’s dad taught at my high school.  Such a small world out there!!

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Janet Pliszka:


  1. Jessica August 17, 2011 Reply

    I love them!!!! He's such a sweetheart!!! Love it love it love it!!!!

  2. Amanda August 17, 2011 Reply

    What great pics! He is such an adorable little guy- love the pics!

  3. Amanda August 17, 2011 Reply

    Awesome pics- what a cutie he is!

  4. Jennifer August 17, 2011 Reply

    Great pictures! Such a cute little guy!

  5. Krista August 17, 2011 Reply

    OMG Owen is just so cute in the black and white.I love black and white pics most of all anyway. He is just so handsome!!!

  6. jerome lavergne August 17, 2011 Reply

    Great pictures Melissa, he is such a cute looking boy, reminds me of some of your baby pictures. very well done.

  7. Kyla August 17, 2011 Reply

    Owen is sooooo adorable! Great photos!!

  8. Jocelyn August 17, 2011 Reply

    Such great pictures! Love

  9. Debra hansen August 18, 2011 Reply

    Awesome pictures! Owen is so cute, what a remarkable little man.

  10. Karen Almquist August 18, 2011 Reply

    CUTE, I love your photos,Melisa! The one of your lil guy sitting on the bench is so precious!

  11. Joanne Lavergne August 19, 2011 Reply

    What a beautiful boy. Sure looks like mom.

  12. Paige August 19, 2011 Reply

    Soooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could see him live.

  13. Lori Ray August 19, 2011 Reply

    Lovely photos, Melissa - Owen is adorable! Lori

  14. Paul Lavergne August 21, 2011 Reply

    Love the photos. Everyone looks so relaxed and happy! Choice of wardrobe colours is great for the setting and individual black & white shot is an instant classic. Love that the little bouncing frog on Owen's shirt too!

  15. Laura August 24, 2011 Reply

    Awesome pictures! I love the picture of Owen smiling. He's getting to be such a big boy.

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