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SAKURA – by Janet Pliszka

Sakura is the beautiful word for cherry blossoms in Japanese.   The cherry blossoms are a huge event in Japan and during my 3-year stay there, I was able to admire their beauty every spring with a picnic under the trees at a prime location.   May is also the month for Children’s Day.  It…

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Closer to the Heart

Words usually come to me easily. But with this family of strong women, their silliness, their connection, the beauty and strength of their mum … it seems the words are best left to a literary icon: “Sweet, crazy conversations full of half sentences, daydreams and misunderstandings more thrilling than understanding…

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Cherry Blossom Sessions … booking now!

Well, perhaps we can exhale knowing that maybe, sort of, kind of spring has sprung!  And with that comes the amazing bursts of colour and the general feeling of happiness that overtakes Calgarians who have endured a long winter!  Every year the trees around Garrison Gate in S.W. burst with…

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