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TRUTH & TONIC – by Janet Pliszka

Lots of babies, kids and families take center stage on our blog but Amy and I completely enjoy photographing the big kids too.   Sure we miss balancing things on our heads and singing the wheels on the bus, but we can still be goofy and fun with you older guys!!    Especially when it is a dear friend.  One who I…

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PROFESSIONAL SHOTS – Calgary Corporate Photography

We believe any time of year is an ideal time to get beautiful pictures done for your business.  That’s because professionally done images add so much to your blog and website.  They reflect who you are and allow potential clients to connect with you before they even meet you.  To…

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Through my photography I have realized how much I love to share and teach.  I get so excited about ideas, events, partnerships and workshops. I often have a million ideas in my head, stick post-it notes all over the place and go to bed much later than I should.   Collaborating with…

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