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♥ Nepal

The news started trickling in over the weekend. A major earthquake struck near to the capital, Kathmandu. It will be days, weeks, months before the magnitude of the devastation and loss is known. Isolated areas over mountainous terrain will be hard to reach, nothing but silence may be discovered. Time…

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TWO MORE SLEEPS – Calgary Commercial Photography

“Two more sleeps” as my daughter would say.  I’ve been giving the kids extra hugs the past couple days knowing I won’t see for a couple weeks. Yes, Saturday afternoon I move from the comfort of Calgary to be welcomed by the chaos of New Delhi.  All senses to be heightened…

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I have one tattoo.  It’s of the world.  In part, the globe was a reminder of my travels.  It’s also to remind me we are the same wherever we live in the world.  Stripped of possessions and opportunities and removed from stereotypes we are essentially the same.  We all laugh.  We all cry.  Crave.  Hope.  Dream. We all…

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