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Oh my.  What a time we have had this past month.

With many balls in the air, it’s not a surprise this is the first post in a few weeks.  We were focusing on moving the studio from our old Marda Loop location to an office space near fun 17th Avenue.  Not a small task by any means.  And if you see the state of our garage right now, you’ll see we are nowhere near being finished!!!   Our family was, and still is, sorting out a new lifestyle with our 7 year old daughter who has been diagnosed with celiac disease.  Amy was in Haiti for two weeks working on her documentary project which I’m sure she’ll share with you soon.  And our city has been recovering from a natural disaster which we would never have imagined to take down our city and surrounding towns as it did.  A state of emergency was declared in Calgary and many towns in southern Alberta, including ones that were a big part of my growing up, as rivers heightened and quickened and made their way into an incredible amount of  homes.  One town which has 13,000 residents was 80% under water and they are just now getting back into the town to see their homes for the first time in 10 days.  The positive side of all this has been the outstanding showing of support, love, and caring for our neighbours, friends and city itself.  So many people pitching in to get our city back on its feet.  Its a long, long, long way from being complete but we are slowly getting there.   I am sure I will write about this another day, but those are the reasons for what may seem like a big vacation from our blog.

So what better way to put a smile on your face than with a mom and daughter tea party?  And to make it even better, having it in a park with beautiful cherry blossoms.    The picture of these two dancing will remain in my heart for a long time, as I can hear her sweet giggles as they twirl around together.

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