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textbook perfect — calgary newborn photography

As all parents know once a newborn arrives in the home, they pretty much dictate what goes on, for the first bit anyway.  It’s not too much different at a photo shoot.  We work with the little ones to make sure they’re happy and comfortable — sometimes they don’t want to go into a certain position and so we switch ideas.  Sometimes they are feeling a bit hungry and so we take a break.  Sometimes they just want a cuddle and well…I am all over cuddle images.  And then there are some shoots where the little one just does anything we would like them to.  This little baby was just perfect.  Textbook perfect.  She gave us beautiful looks when she first arrived bright eyed — love her expression when her older sister gives her a peck on the cheek!   Then she had a drink while we took pictures of her big sister in the back garden of the studio.  When we came back.. voila … off into dreamland. 

I had such a fun time meeting you all!  Thank you so much for asking me to take photos of your beautiful family…. sweet new S. and gorgeous redheaded Miss A!!!

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