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The French River, Ontario

Today the sun shone and the warmth in the air gave a hint of the summer months to come … so it seemed a natural fit to blog about one of my favourite places in the world, the French River in the Georgian Bay region of Ontario. I’m lucky to be apart of a tradition and a place that has been in our family for almost 100 years … perched a top an island carved out of the Canadian shield sits Pinedale, the cabin that welcomes us each summer. I wanted to tell the story of the place, photographing some of the details that make the place ours and to give my 94 year old grandfather an photo album of the images Christmas this past year. My heart was beating and I was trying not to well up when he flipped through the pages, his face illuminated with recognition and happiness, taking him back to “God’s country” as he always calls it. I wanted to share a few of these images with you … to give you a glimpse into God’s country, a place where time stands still and history is etched with the imprints of generations before … and preserved to welcome those who’ll come next.






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