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The Indubitably cool, Julie Phillips

Three weeks into my new life in Calgary, I went to see my friend’s band play at the Legion. It was Stampede Week, it was the Legion – I was out of my element. I perched myself near the back of the room, shy, quiet and keeping to myself. This boisterous, beautiful, tall, beaming woman came over and introduced herself. “You seem like a cool girl. What are you doing here? Can I get you a beer?” She handed me her card, which included a sticker ‘for every time we meet’.

Her name is Julie Phillips. It didn’t take me long to realize there is something special about her. And little did I know, that I was meeting one of the most engaging, community-minded, artistic and social champions of Calgary. Julie could have her own degree of separation. She is everywhere, building community, support the arts, laughing, volunteering, buying-nothing, change-making. So when she decided to return to her roots in Edmonton, the city got a little less sparkly … but lucky for all of us here, it’s not too far … and we’ll surely be able to feel her glitter and shine, as she starts afresh in Edmonton ♥



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