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I spent the last year living in Port-au-Prince and working to support earthquake response after the 12 January earthquake.
I’ve worked in several countries over the past 7 years, but never has a country touched me like Haiti has …. I feel it has gently nestled itself into my heart, like warm soup on a cold day.
With the inundation of organizations after the earthquake (both beneficial and detrimental), there was constant buzz about ‘how to help Haiti’. Ideas spun around like wildfire, but I remember a conversation that has gently unfolded into next week’s art exhibit.
My role in Haiti was to manage all of the grants from multiple-donors and report on indicators, progress and activities against outcomes. I distinctly remember meeting a group of artisans who received funding and business-development training through our Livelihoods program. While they acknowledged the contribution from our organization, several artisans said “We don’t NEED business development training, we need ACCESS to international markets”. Ding. The idea was born.
I have no idea what the response will be. But I do know that I have to try. I believe in the artists’ craft, dedication and the ability to transform raw material into stunning art pieces. And at the end of the day, I want people to see something beautiful from Haiti, to get a glimpse of the richness and the creativity coming from that beaten-down, but not broken, island in the sun.  Ayiti, Pap Peri!
Please join me next Thursday for some island flavour, music, rum and beautiful art!
Thursday, September 22nd
7:00 pm – 9:00pm
Visual Hues Photography Studio

2024-34th Avenue SW, Calgary AB

Mesi an pil Samson 🙂 xo
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