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The Tween Project: Looking for Tweens

Tweens fascinate me.

It’s such an unique time in one’s life.   Not yet a full fledged teenager.  Not a little kid anyone.  It’s truly ” In BeTween”.   And with this stage of life, a lot of emotions come charging in.  Lots of self-awareness.  Tons of new experiences, both rewarding and challenging.   So I’ve decided to dive RIGHT into this stage with a personal project about peeling back some layers about tweens.   For me, this project is bringing together two of my passions:  creating intriguing, documentary-style, story-telling images myself and encouraging kids to express themselves through photography.   It is multi-dimensional with me, the outsider, looking in and you, the tween, looking outwards.  It will be fun.   And it feels like going back to being a tween myself:  exploring something new,  entering a bit of a discomfort zone, putting myself ‘out there’, pushing myself, and wondering where this project will take me.  I am sure this project will evolve as it goes along, and I’m looking forward to meandering with it.

I’m looking for tweens, aged 9-12, boy, girl or any identities in between to go on this journey with me.


Who would be a fantastic fit for this project?

A 9-12 year old who:

  • is willing to have me photography and video (a new thing for me!!) themselves in a space or two that has meaning to them
  • is willing to share with me their reality on being a tween
  • is willing to take their own photos (with a device or camera) to reveal some of their world to others
  • is willing to share all of the above

If you are interested, please contact me at janetp@visualhues.com.   Write me a couple paragraphs about yourself and why you would like to be involved in The Tween Project.

Thank you so much!



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