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Calgary Newborn Twin Photographer – They Make Me Work For It!

Twins are such a treasure to photograph. I love seeing how similar and how different they are both in their character and their look. It amazes me how they may be a bit unhappy but then you lay them beside their sibling and they just relax, knowing they are once again right by their best friend. There are however lots of challenges with photographing twins… they just may not want to cooperate at the same time! And ooooh these two little ones definitely made me work!! Good for them, I say! In the end, I love what we captured. (One of my favourites is mom giving the most loving, reassuring smile to her new little baby girl.)

Based on my time with this family and the images I have a couple predictions

(1) a laid back little boy. Look at two of them in their blankets on the grass bowl. He’s in the darker blanket — arm behind his head just laying back and being cool

(2) a mischievous little girl. Look at the second last image … she’s wide awake thinking up some devious plan to get her sleeping brother — she’s even got her finger to help her think better!!

Enjoy looking at these sweeties!!

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