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The fact that most babies arrive safely into this world will constantly amaze me.  Every baby is indeed a miracle.  There are some babies, however, that work a bit harder to be called a miracle.  They make their appearance in the world much sooner than expected.   I met two the other day.  True miracles who fought like crazy to still be in this world after arriving 15 weeks earlier than expected.  Dad showed me the photo album their Mom lovingly put together… I remember one image so distinctly, baby girl’s whole hand was the size of Dad’s fingernail.   Hearing their story brought tears to my eyes as I tried to imagine how brave and courageous these parents were as they fought alongside their babies for their survival.   Every time I give my children a hug I know I am saying how much it means to me that they are here…. I think every hug sweet Joshua and Devi receive has an even deeper meaning behind that same message.

I asked their lovely mom to write a story about their fight so we could all enjoy and give those kids in our lives a big big hug today!

Blessed Times Two!!

My husband and I were overjoyed when we discovered we were going to be parents to twins!  What more could we ask for to complete our family of two.   My pregnancy wasn’t an easy one but I felt blessed to have these little beings growing inside of me.  At 22 weeks my body was having a hard time carrying the twins so I was put on bed rest but at 24 weeks my daughter decided she was ready to meet her mom and dad no matter what the consequences would be.  Devi & Joshua were born on March 23, 2010, three and a half months sooner than we expected.  All I could think about was how these tiny little beings were going to survive!  Devi weighed 685 grams and Joshua 750 grams, just over a pound each.  We had a long road ahead of us but John and I were determined to get our precious babies home.

Eleven days after the twins were born our daughter, Devi went into cardiac arrest.  We were told to prepare ourselves; the doctor’s did not believe she was going to survive.  We were terrified at the thought of losing her!  How could we go on without our little girl?!  Devi is a fighter and it showed from the moment she was born, nothing was going to stop her from coming home, so she struggled and gain some strength to live another day, and she did, moment by moment, hour by hour she became stronger and was out of the woods.  Devi surprised everyone and she beat odds!  A few weeks later Devi had heart surgery to correct a valve which was not working properly.  What more would this little girl have to go through!  Devi came out of the operation unscathed and once again she surprised the Doctors.  As the weeks carried on there were some ups and so many downs, the babies had to endure several more operations between the two of them.  Joshua had 2 eye operations to correct his vision.  After months of shedding more tears then I thought one person could ever shed and praying more than we had ever prayed before, we were able to bring our babies home.  July 4th was discharge day, just 3 days before my actual due date!!  We were overjoyed and so happy to have them home, healthy, safe.

Devi and Joshua faced some challenges when they first came home but look at them now!  We celebrated their 1st birthday on March 23, a day full of emotions looking back at the year gone by and we are so grateful, they have blessed our lives in more ways than I can count, a few of those being their smiling faces and the sweet sounds of their laughter.  They are the greatest gifts we could ever have asked for and we thank the Lord for bringing Devi & Joshua in to our lives but most importantly – Home!!

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Janet Pliszka:


  1. Karey Makonin August 3, 2011 Reply

    The arrival of Devi & Joshua is truly a miracle and has been such a blessing to the entire family. These precious angels have brought so much love into the lives of their parents and family. Raj was always meant to be a Mom and this is a role she takes very seriously. From the happy smiles on Joshua and Devi's faces clearly Raj & John are doing a wonderful job. The pictures are amazing and all I can say is "Such a BEAUTIFUL Family"

    • Janet Pliszka August 3, 2011 Reply

      Thanks so much Karey! So wonderful to hear from you and your comments brought a tear to my eye. They are indeed doing an amazing amazing job!!!

  2. Susan Kumar August 3, 2011 Reply

    What a beautiful family!! Devi and Joshua look so adorable! Janet you are an amazing photographer!! Can't wait to see the other pics Raj!

  3. John proud papa Vandenberg August 3, 2011 Reply

    More than miracles, more than children and more than a wife I am indeed the luckiest man in the world. I want to thank the entire Manhas Family for helping us through this tumultuous time. Thank you so much Mom Dad Del Bal Sharn and Harj Thank you a thousand times.
    Love john

    • Janet Pliszka August 5, 2011 Reply

      You are a sweetie John! And... I think they're pretty lucky to have you in their family too!!!!!

  4. Jyoti Parmar August 3, 2011 Reply

    Beautiful and precious are these pictures. Devi and Joshua look so adorable. I can't believe they are growing so fast. Their arrival has been a miracle and a blessing to the whole family.
    Love to all (mom and papa too).

  5. Karen Almquist August 6, 2011 Reply

    It is so nice to see the results of our actions...years later.Such a rewarding job I have....does not even feel like a job! Thx.
    Karen RN NICU

  6. Raj Manhas August 8, 2011 Reply

    Janet, you have done an amazing job capturing our family!! I cannot thank you enough for giving us this wonderful gift which will last a life time!!

  7. Masi Neilla August 9, 2011 Reply

    Raj and John, the pictures are beautiful, your words heartfelt and true! Joshua and Devi are so lucky to have parents that were there for them right from the beginning, never giving up and looking forward to the day they were brought home. You will love them more each day, they are so lucky to have that love. What a wonderful gift God has given you both...never take that gift for granted. Cherish it, as I know you do. My love to you all.

  8. Rajan August 10, 2011 Reply

    True miracles indeed! They are both beautiful, strong babies with a strong will to thrive and flourish! You are both wonderful parents and your constant love, care and nurturing makes these two babies the luckiest little munchkins! Lovely pictures of you all, I can't wait to see the rest.

    Lots of Love,
    Rajan et al

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