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TRUTH & TONIC – by Janet Pliszka

Lots of babies, kids and families take center stage on our blog but Amy and I completely enjoy photographing the big kids too.   Sure we miss balancing things on our heads and singing the wheels on the bus, but we can still be goofy and fun with you older guys!!    Especially when it is a dear friend.  One who I have known since the awkward year of grade 9.  We met at Oilfields High school and soon became inseparable friends.  Numerous hand written notes passed between us during English and French class —  this was way before a text was anything but the word that came before book. We swooned over Corey Hart as he filmed his “I am By Your Side” video on her land.  We partied together in our respective university towns.  We shared the excitement of meeting our husbands and landing into the world of motherhood.   We loved our catch up dinners talking about the ups and downs of family life, our dreams and our jobs.

It is super awesome cool when you see what your friends do for a job. I know Kim was great at marketing. She had years and years of experience at agencies up in Edmonton. Then she started her own business down here in Calgary.  I knew she’d be really good at what she did, but didn’t know she’d be THIS good.  I heard her speak at a workshop and I got complete goosebumps and, honestly, tears in my eye. This friend of mine who I shared boy secrets, vodka slimes and gravel roads was frikking awesome at what she did. Like really really really good.  And I was super proud.

So I’m proud to tell you about her upcoming Summer Lovin’ workshops. If you have a business, this is the perfect series to get you on track. Working with Kim, you’ll get much further than on your own. She is beyond up-to-date on the ever changing social media marketing world.  She has a magical way of tying everything together, knowing how to connect with your audiences and how various marketing strategies impact your specific business.  I’ve heard numerous testimonials of how her honesty, straightforwardness and knowledge have changed businesses for the better.   Her workshops are fabulous.  She shares her knowledge and puts you to work!   You’re not there to only listen.  You’re there to get some stuff done and start on that path you’ve wanted to walk down.  And you’ll have lots of laughs along the way.  So check these out and share with those you think may enjoy.

She recently looked in the mirror on her own business did the process of rebranding herself. (I equate it to having my own family shoot done. Ooooh shivers!  It’s hard!!)  She knew she needed awesome images to complement the kick ass website Fetching Finn was creating for her.

We had picked out an awesome unique location that fit perfectly with her discussion with Nikki from Fetching Finn we knew what we were looking for.  Time was spent getting the right colours and right props and then picture day arrived.   And we got it!! With loads of fun and laughter, we nailed it!

It’s super cool how we have an image like this

turned out to work out to be like this in her website.  That’s what working together on the same vision can help create!

And one more series that I love taken in this old school room.   Perfect location for a fabulous teacher.  You know those ones that completely know what they’re talking about AND can deliver all that information in an impactful way.

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