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TWO MORE SLEEPS – Calgary Commercial Photography

“Two more sleeps” as my daughter would say.  I’ve been giving the kids extra hugs the past couple days knowing I won’t see for a couple weeks.

Yes, Saturday afternoon I move from the comfort of Calgary to be welcomed by the chaos of New Delhi.  All senses to be heightened and I’m ready for it!  Our reason for stopping in India is to visit  Bachpan Bachao Andolan, or South Asian Coalition on Child Servitude.  This is an organization dedicated to both preventing child labour and rehabilitating former child labourers so they can improve their lives.  We will be meeting with the partners there and spending time with the children; an experience I know will leave me so thankful for the founders’ vision and dedication to this cause as well as yearning for hugs from Hailey and Reuben.

We then venture to Nepal, making our home at a guesthouse in Patan.  The Association for Craft Producers is based here.  The partnership between this group and a local community developer is what has helped with the creation of Fibres of Life.  Fibres of Life is the company who has graciously invited me to join them on this trip to Nepal.  It was one of those connections that was meant to be.  Since our conversations first began at their kiosk at the Calgary Folk Festival, we have become good friends.  The owner and founder, Jennifer Pullin is a bundle of energy with a vision and endless list of ideas to match.  Jaime and I share a love for creativity and I know we work so well as a team…her calm nature will help keep me grounded!    We have worked together on a variety of photo projects over the past few months.    Product images for their online website (to be launched soon!) and showcase images with models. 

Below you will find a collection of their beautiful products.   The goal in Nepal?   To show you the people and processes behind the products.   To share the culture and gain a first hand view of the area.  To weave together Jennifer’s writing, Jaime’s video and my photography to tell the worthwhile story of Fibres of Life.   We look forward to sharing with you….

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