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VANCOUVER VIBES by Janet Pliszka

Last week I travelled to Vancouver with Amy to attend the workshop of a favourite photographer, David Duchemin.   So many wonderful take-a-ways from our two and a half days there.  First lesson:  Just go out and shoot what you love …  in the way you want to share your story.   That may sound obvious but it doesn’t always happen.  You can get swayed by what is popular, what is expected of you, what others are shooting, or taken over by habit to shoot what is comfortable.   A promise to myself is to make sure I am always staying true to myself and how I believe moments are to be captured.   Second lesson:  Seek the stage and wait for the characters to appear.   For a family photographer, this involves more location scouting and having families appear as the actors on that stage.  And for personal work, finding a place that is filled with the right light and shadows or beautiful lines and texture.

These were lessons were top of mind as I spent the day after the workshop with wonderful people I know in Vancouver.   And I put these new ideas to work.   When I walked down towards this scene in Deep Cove, I knew I’d be creating a photograph here.  I loved the texture of the water.  The coming together of the line of boats and the land jutting out on the other side.  The swirls in the sky.  This was my stage.   The kids were just playing in the water and this sweet little one was getting her dress and diaper yet.  I love, just love, how mom just took them off and let her little girl free to feel the water.  To feel the coolness of the water, pushing through the ripples, the sand and pebbles on her feet.   And with one of my favourite subjects to shoot being kids with their innocence and curiousity, I was pretty excited as I crouched down and captured a series of images.

So I hope you enjoy this image as I embark on another quest to raise the meaning and quality of my photography.

(Thanks to Mom for giving permission for this image to be on my blog.)

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