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Visual Hues in Toronto … Corporate Session Part 2

Well, before I met up with this guy, I spent the morning catching up with my inspiring friend Tammy of Inner Travel Coaching. We met at her favourite coffee shop on Spadina Avenue and we caught up over delicious chai and muffins before heading out to the alley-ways of Chinatown. It felt like a nice blessing to see the message below as we were on our shoot throughout the neighbourhood and it kind of sums up the journey Tammy has taken … dissatisfied in her career, Tammy created her future and the life she is living now. It hasn’t always been easy, but with perseverance, a clear vision, guts, a touch of crazy and a whole lot of shutzpah, Tammy has transitioned into being one of the most genuine, honest, pushes-you-to-be-better and humorous coaches I’ve worked with. We sort of summed it up with one simple sentence: Tammy helps you get un-stuck. And once that happens, then you’re flying …. can’t wait to see what comes next. with love and gratitude, Amy

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