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WHAT A VIEW! by Janet Pliszka

“Trust me. I think you’ll love it.”

That’s what Cam said about the spot he really wanted to be for his family’s photo shoot!   Oh my!   Tell me I didn’t have goose bumps looking at this view!   That was after driving the mule (not the 4legged kid) up to the top with lots of giggles and groans as we bumped along.  This beautiful and fun group of people are my family.  Cam bought Jo a gift certificate for Christmas last year and I don’t think we could have picked a prettier time to do their shoot on their land south of Longview.  And they wanted grandparents in the shoot with them (my dad’s in the cowboy hat)… I just love to do multi-generational shoots.  And a shoot like that in a place like this.  There is such a thing as feeling on top of the world!!!    These guys are a ton of fun to be around and my two kids love, love, love being around their little cousins.  My kids were actually even here for the shoot… Reuben was often doing little dances behind me to get them to laugh!

Thank you for such a wonderful evening, rain, broken down mule and all!




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