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YOU JUST NEVER KNOW!!! Janet Pliszka

I was all smiles yesterday as I took a drive out to Cochrane Ranche for a morning shoot.  The mountains looked stunning with their recent dollop of snow and it just felt right to be out enjoying this gorgeous fall we are having.

And then I met these 3 cuties!   Could it be a better morning???   I am so excited for Mom to see these pictures as I think she may fall over in love over the adorable smiles of her three.  And she might fall over a bit in surprise as well.   The reason?  Well the very cute one in ponytails decided to exercise her right to be two for a lot of the shoot.  Mom was usually snuggling her, carrying her, or wiping away tears.   I can usually pull something out of my bag of tricks to turn frowns upside down, but I just wasn’t cutting it this day.  Mom was so patient and lovely.  And at one point she just picked her up and starting swinging her and look at the smiles that came out!!  It’s one of my favourite pictures of the morning… I love how that works out!!   You just never know!

I’m excited to also share with her some of the ‘not in the mood for pictures’ shots, as they are truly just as memorable!!!  But that’s for another day!!

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