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Zen Under Fire

Back in May, I wrote about the project I’m working on which you can read about it here. From the moment I put the project out there, there have been multiple ‘tail-winds’ of good fortune. One of the first people to contact me on the StartSomeGood campaign page was the author, humanitarian worker and yogi named Marianne Elliot. Marianne was arriving in New York City from her native New Zealand the day before I was heading out to Haiti. The logistics aligned so that we can could meet for a brief 45 minutes in the East Village before she headed out to Brooklyn to meet some friends. She was arriving in New York to kick off her North American and European book tour for her memoir ZenUnderFire: A Story of Love and Work in Afghanistan. I immediately felt the warmth of her energy and continue to be inspired by her courage and comforted by the similarities of our experience. Even with such a short meeting and pending sunset, I was able to take a few photos of Marianne before the light fell. It’s been many months since we connected, but having just finished reading her book I feel an increasing sense of camaraderie and encouragement to continue to tell my story. Here’s to a continued journey of courageousness, sharing, resiliency and stepping into the arena.


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