Let me be your storyteller.

Life is about love, dreams, adventures, and relationships. It’s about our stories that make us …. us. Telling these stories is what I love to do. After 16 years of hundreds of families, loads of businesses and thousands of images, I know it’s why I’m here.

The families I work with enjoy my approach that focuses on candid and natural moments of their everyday life using gorgeous natural light. The businesses I work with comment on how I wove together their story with images that showcase them and their business perfectly.

My approach has been described as relaxed, connected and real. Looking at your photos will make you feel. Yep… feel. They will take you back to a time and an emotion, whether it’s when your kids were little or your dream of a business took first flight. I still get goosebumps when clients tell me over and over I captured the essence of them.

A great picture isn’t worth a thousand words, it’s a feeling. It tells your one-of-a-kind story.

Let me tell your story, in its truest form.

I love to travel!
I never want to stop traveling. Discovering cultures and meeting people from different parts of the world fills my soul. I’ve been to lots of places and have many, many more to go to. Photography is always a huge part of my travels. Some of my favourite photo jobs have been ones that have taken me away to tell the story. Take me on your next trip! (I’m serious!!)

I love to teach, too!

Way back when, I debated between a BEd and a BComm. I ended up going the business route. One of the reasons why I love doing brand photography so much, I’m sure. Deep inside, though, I knew teaching would be a part of me at some point.

Enter …. Kids Photography Academy. A way to give kids a voice and show them their view of the world is worth sharing. Teaching kids the art, science and fun of photography has been so rewarding. Seeing confidence, curiosity and creativity grow in kids… nothing beats it.

My camera is always with me!
One day, my kids will be thankful for the thousands of pictures they have of them. Literally, thousands!!! And even if they’re not, that’s okay. Because looking back at all our moments brings me all the feels.

Bring on the adventures! Bring on the fun.

Share your ideas with me!! Invite me along! I’ll go on a hike. Check out your camping site. Tag along to the amusement park. Skate on the pond. I’ll happily photograph your retreat or family vacay.