Let’s Open Up Your Brand!

Show Vision, Richness, & IMPACT

It’s time your brand SHINES… Isn’t it?
I mean really, really shines!

Because you know a picture is not just a picture – it’s your story! TOLD.

You want your photography to move people! Your brand to be opened up – revealed – so you can truly connect with your audience, driving authentic relationships and your next-level results.

You want showing up online to feel effortless. Website visuals? Covered. Social media content? Covered. Ad pics? Done!

And you want to trust you’ll be taken care of and will look as incredible as you really are…

You deserve a bespoke branding experience that makes a statement about your business.

Photos captured with intention. Photos that speak.

Sound good?

Upcoming Mini Branding Shoot

Thoughtful Brand Storytelling (How I do it!)

Let’s give your people photos that are so engaging, they’re already imagining themselves in the experience.
Prep is Key!

Hear your story. Discuss your goals. Collaborate. Imagine and see beyond the obvious. Develop a shot list. Talk wardrobe, props and location. Have a plan.

Bring Your Story to Life

Honour your background, your business, and your gifts. Create gorgeous imagery. Connect with your clients.

Enjoy the Experience

We got you! A natural, emotion-rich photoshoot. To just be yourself. Safe. Judgement-Free. Supportive. Trust to have FUN and show the ultimate YOU.

When You Do Good in the World –
Show Them Who You Are

(I know, it’s hard to do that alone!)


3 Collaborative & Feel-Good Ways to Grow Your Photo Library:
The VIP experience that your brand deserves!
● A full consultation on your business, your story, and the specific streams you want to highlight
● A complete compilation of your shot list - what you can’t do without and wiggle room for on-the-day inspiration to amplify your brand vision and make marketing and content creation effortless
● Two locations (within reasonable distance) to optimize how your brand makes an impact
● Hair, make-up, and wardrobe styling from one of Calgary’s top stylists – Kelly Jo Higgins
● Half-day (scheduled on the light) to keep you in peak state
● Snacks! Lunch! Hydration! On me – you will be starving and thirsty!
● All photos given in a gallery (Celebrate! They’re all yours to use on social!)
● 100+ Fully edited photos
Go VIP for
When your brand needs media now:
● A consultation on your business and fresh content requirements
● A compilation of your shot list - so you don’t miss anything and are fully prepared (and can just have FUN!)
● One location
● 90 minutes scheduled on the light
● All photos given in a gallery (all yours to use on social!)
● 50+ Fully edited photos
Get your needs met (and exceeded!) for
An on-going, no-brainer, multi-shoot, branded partnership for fresh visual content and inspired business developments:
● You + Me for 4 shoots/year (1 Full Story, plus Single shoots)
● Continue our unique collaborative expression to tell your Brand Story through each season/quarter/innovation with a trusted partner
● Refreshed Image Stream: effortless socials and content, seasonal marketing, new product shots…and news on demand!
● Stylist available
● Fun! (Obviously!)
Enjoy stress-free content year-round. Let’s chat about what you need!
How you show up visually should reflect an emotion-rich, story of truth about you – as you are.

You can’t always see that when you’re so close to it. But I do!

My gift is getting people to open up in those moments when the lens peeks in their direction.

To forge deeper connections. To be tenacious. Willing to shake things up. To seek the perfect light because your story matters.

Because! This – is where legacies are created.